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Ride Report - Sunday October 22nd

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River Road Ride Report - October 22, 2006

The riding season may be winding down but you'd never know it by the near Summer like conditions we experienced on Sunday. Four out of the first 5 bikes to arrive at the River's Edge Cafe in Isleton were Triumphs. The fifth rider owns a Triumph but on Sunday he was riding an early inheritance from his father, an 04 Harley. I don't know which model it was and I'm not big on Harley's, but if I were going to buy one, Eric's would be it. Beautiful bike.

With all of those Triumphs showing up it was almost as if the Norcal Triumph Riders Club was actually dominated by our namesake brand, which we know isn't the case. Shortly after this break in reality the usual eclectic mix of bikes began to pull up. But where was the grand Pooh Pah, our fearless leader????? We soon discovered it was Don's turn to have a flat tire. As we discussed that fact over breakfast, there was a sudden and spontaneous chorus of "I don't want a turn". So Las, Phil and Don, you three represent the last of a tradition we have decided to terminate post haste.

The good news which is kind of amazing if you think about it is that Don was actually able to get his bike back to Stockton, pick out another steed from his stable and join us for our ice cream break at Shelby's in Rio Vista for the second half of the ride. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

In attendance at breakfast was Yvonne and me, Phil and a lady friend, Steve and his buddy Ray, Scott, Andy Berger, Andy Neves, and Eric with his wife Lisa.
I am happy to note that the River's Edge Cafe is maintaining their high standards as the food was excellent. Scrambled eggs with Feta cheese and scallions along with honey glazed bacon, Yummy! There were more great food items worth mentioning but is it necessary. I wish I could spend a week in Isleton and try something different off their menu every morning. Did I mention their lunches are even better. Sorry for going on about the food but we all know that the meal, whether it is breakfast or lunch is a big part of the ride experience.

Alas, although there was a fairly large {for our group} turnout for breakfast only the two Andy's on their separate Speedmasters, Phil and I went on the Ride. The others were in eat and run mode for whatever reason, since the weather was perfect for riding.

Instead of using the Rio Vista bridge we had to go in the back door to reach our beloved wind mill road. We got word by some other patrons that there had been an accident on the bridge, so instead of enduring that traffic we took the scenic route and used the ferry's to approach Rio Vista. Other than it's exceptional views and fun corners the only event of note along this favored loop other than seeing a T100 going the other way was a Vulture I very nearly hit. As I slowed and honked my horn to scare him off his carcass one of his relatives flew down right in front of my face. Yvonne's helmet hit the back of mine as I went into semi wheel lock and braced for impact. Luckily when I opened my eyes again Big Bird was gone. Yes I know I'm not supposed to close my eyes in those situations but that bird was as big as me.

After that encounter Yvonne and I were ready for onion rings and ice cream at Shelby's back in Rio Vista. True to his word Don was there waiting for us. In between bathroom breaks we engaged in our usual conversations that only motorcyclists can enjoy. Don was kind enough to accept his appointment as ride leader for the rest of the trip. After another 45 minutes of beautiful river roads and hitching rides on the two Ferry's we stopped at the Grand Island Mansion for our meeting and to close out the ride.

The next ride is scheduled for Saturday November 4th and involves meeting at the Corners for a ride to Bodega Bay. If the weather is uncooperative the ride will be bumped to the 5th. If it looks like rain all weekend we'll reschedule for Saturday, the 11th. More information to follow.

Paul Warrick,
AKA Pdub

Note from Don I.:
When I left the group at the junction of Grand Island Road and Hwy 160 I was cruising along and decided to head to the River's Edge to see if they were still open. It was on the way home anyhow. It was open and I had an early dinner of a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on their wondeful bread. The bacon of course is their honey glazed bacon.



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